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Tips for Operation

To ensure your car runs properly after a turbo installation, we've provided tips and instructions. Before any work can be done, you must change the oil lines.

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• Service air cleaners and eliminate all restrictions and leaks.
• Before installing your turbocharger, inspect and remove all foreign material from the air inlet ducts, intake, and exhaust manifolds.
• Replace all oil pressure and drain lines that could be kinked, broken, heat-worn, or internally damaged. Change engine oil and oil filters. Replace all contaminated crankcase and compressor filters.


Before attaching new oil drain line to turbocharger, crank engine until oil flows from oil drain hole in bearing housing. Do not start engine.
Attach new oil drain line to turbocharger.


• Mount turbocharger and exhaust manifold using new gasket (avoid using sealing material).
• Inspect exhaust system. Remove any restrictions, which might cause excessive backpressure before connecting to turbocharger.
• Attach new oil inlet line to turbocharger.
• Align bearing housing drain hole to not more than 30? from vertical center position.
• Tighten clamps, cap screws, or nuts to recommended specifications.
• Connect air pipe system to turbocharger.


• Idle engine for 5 minutes. Do not rev.
• Check all systems for oil, air, or exhaust leaks.
• Always have operator idle engine for 1 minute prior to shut down for longer turbocharger life.